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Testing lists of items

TL;DR: you can test your lists using .then() or .each() Cypress retries can help you test changes in your app you can pass a function to .should() command You can try out all the examples in this blog by cloning my repo . The app is there too. Hello everyone 👋 We are going to test a list of todo…

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Improve your error screenshots in Cypress

Cypress makes it incredibly easy to read their code. Even people that don’t work with Cypress here at Slido can easily understand what is going on in the test code. That’s why I overlooked the cy.log() command. It seemed kind of arbitrary and didn’t make too much sense to add extra log into what…

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I did a Cypress workshop and this is what I learned

I had a chance to do a Cypress workshop at this year’s TestCrunch in Brno . It was an amazing experience. I knew I loved teaching, but I never thought I’d enjoy it this much. The format of a hands-on workshop is truly an amazing experience, and the most cool thing about this — it’s a different…

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Testing email flows with Mailosaur In this second Cypress tip I would like to give you a glimpse of how we use Cypress with a tool called Mailosaur . Telling the whole story When writing tests, I like to resemble user behavior as much as possible. In other words, I want to…

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Keeping tests „DRY“ with custom commands

DRY = Don’t repeat yourself End-to-end tests can sometimes be repetitive. Although you may try your best at keeping number of your tests at an optimal level, there are cases when you cannot avoid repeating yourself. Take an example here. We will be testing Slido admin interface. Slido provides…

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What psychology taught me about QA

I am a psychology graduate and I practiced psychology for a few years after my studies. After some time, I realised that being a therapist is not my vocation. There was an urge to help people inside me, but I realised that this was just not my path. I was always an IT enthusiast and I decided to…

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How We Built a QA Team in a Fast-Growing Startup — Slido Blog

I have been a tester my entire life, although I didn’t really know it. I chose it as my career only two years ago. I always loved to look at how things work and see under what circumstances they function and break. At one point, I decided to explore this with people and got my master’s degree in…

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Cypress test automation course
If you like my articles, you’re going to love my new course on It’s called Cypress test automation for people in a hurry, and it is exactly what you’d expect. A compact, fast and straight-to-the-point course with lots of practical examples and challenges. Check it out!

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