Cypress bootcamp

Cypress core workshop

Cypress core workshop contains everything that you need in order to start writing tests in effectively. Two days of workshop are packed with useful information, learning materials and they can be extended with modules such as setting up CI, API testing, visual regression testing, TypeScript, and many more.

I can also create modules on demand, so you get the content that you will actually use in your company.

Day one: Core principles of working with GUI
Introduction Workshop instructions, showcase of the tested application
Creating a Cypress project Installation and project structure, running Cypress GUI
Opening a page .visit() command, basic configuration, effective work with browser
Selecting elements CSS selectors, data selectors, relative selectors
Interaction with the app Basic scenario automation, debugging and reading error messages
Simple assertions Using .should() command, best practices for writing tests
Command chaining and retry logic Explanation of some one of the core principles in Cypress syntax
Using chai assertions Refactoring tests to use chai library and writing multiple assertions at once
HTTP requests Sending and testing http requests
Day two: Working with API and the project
Working with variables Explanation of asynchronicity in Cypress and how to work with variables
Watching network requests using .intercept() command Intercepting http requests of the application and testing them
Network stubbing Testing edge cases by substituting server response
Plugins - real events & drag and drop Plugin installation, testing hover functionality & drag and drop.
Setting up node events Resolving configurartion and seeding database using node events
Creating custom commands Abstracting test logic into separate command, expanding Cypress library with own commands setting up autocomplete
Authentication Using programmatic login and cy.session() command to authenticate to application
Headless mode Running tests in headless mode and explanation of its functionality