Autocompleting selectors in Cypress with TypeScript

by Filip Hric, 15 November 2021

5 min read

You will learn:

  • how to create custom command that will autocomplete your selectors
  • how perform a check on your tests that are written in TypeScript
  • how to grep selectors from your app
  • how to create warning if there are selectors in your app that you are not using

Cypress advises to use data-cy selectors as a best practice for selecting your elements on page. Recently, we had a great discussion on our discord server about whether this is a good practice. Personally I strongly lean to "yes". If you are in this camp as well, I have some nice tips for you today.

Using data-* selectors with custom commands

If you are using data-* selectors a lot, chances are you want to create a custom command.

Cypress.Commands.add('getDataCy', (input) => {
  return cy.get(`[data-cy='${input}']`);

This way you can skip writing out [data-cy=''] part, when you are using a .get() command. If you’d like to create a fancier version of this, I wrote about an article on this topic, explaining how you can improve your logs for your custom command.

When using TypeScript, you can further define what kind of input will our newly created custom function receive. Usually we could go for something simple, like input: string. But we can instead create our own type, which will limit what kind of input we can pass to our function.

type Selectors = 'board' | 'list' | 'card'

Cypress.Commands.add('getDataCy', (input: Selectors) => {
  return cy.get(`[data-cy='${input}']`);

This way, TypeScript will throw an error when we use a selector that is not allowed:

TypeScript error on unknown selector

Creating a selector file

The list of selectors might get quite big over time. That’s why it’s probably a good idea to keep it in a separate file. My approach is to create a selectors.d.ts file where I keep a list of all my selectors. I usually save this to the cypress/support/@types/ folder.

type Selectors = 
  | 'board'
  | 'list'
  | 'card'
  // ...

Whenever I add a new selector to my application, I need to add it to my list, otherwise I’ll get an error. On the other hand, when I use a selector that is already in the list, I get a nice autocomplete in VS Code.

Autosuggesting selectors

Checking the selectors

Of course, we can get into a situation where we might delete a selector from our list, and we wouldn’t notice until we open the test file, or our tests run. Since we are using TypeScript, we can create a typecheck script, which will check for any TypeScript errors. This script will use --noEmit flag, because don’t need to compile our files. This is done by Cypress when we run our tests.

// ...
"scripts": {
  "typecheck": "tsc --noEmit -p ."
// ...

Another thing we can do is to grep our selectors from our source code. This is of course a little tricky, because not all applications and frameworks work the same. In my Trello app project, I have a script that will grep these from my .vue files inside the src folder.

#!/usr/bin/env bash

SRC_SELECTORS=$(grep -hro 'data-cy="[^"]*"' src | cut -d \" -f2 | sort | uniq)

I then use this very cluncky way of generating all of the selectors into the cypress/support/@types/selectors.d.ts file. But hey, it works for me so far! 😅

#!/usr/bin/env bash

SRC_SELECTORS=$(grep -hro 'data-cy="[^"]*"' src | cut -d \" -f2 | sort | uniq)
echo $SRC_SELECTORS | sed "s/ /'\n| '/g; s/^/&export type Selectors = \n| '/; s/.$/&'/;" | cat > cypress/support/@types/selectors.d.ts

This way, if any of my selectors from source code would be deleteed I would immediately notice when I run that npm run typecheck script.

Finding unused data-cy selectors

I started having way too much fun with this, so decided to grep my tests too. Then, I would compare these selectors with the ones find in my source code and print out warning if there are any extra.

#!/usr/bin/env bash

# find all selectors in src folder
SRC_SELECTORS=$(grep -hro 'data-cy="[^"]*"' src | cut -d \" -f2 | sort | uniq)
# find all selectors in cypress folder
TEST_SELECTORS=$(grep -hro '.getDataCy([^"]*' cypress | cut -d \' -f2 | sort | uniq)

# compare selector lists

# if any found in src, print them our
if [[ $UNUSED_SELECTORS != "" ]]; then
echo -e "WARNING! There are some selectors in your app that are not being used:


# create selectors.d.ts from all selectors found in src
echo $SRC_SELECTORS | sed "s/ /'\n| '/g; s/^/&export type Selectors = \n| '/; s/.$/&'/;" | cat > cypress/support/@types/selectors.d.ts

I imagine there are some better ways to approach this, as I’m not really a shell script expert. I have this script in my Trello app project, feel free to add a comment or PR to improve this.

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