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Cypress basics: Where did my cookies disappear?

You successfully logged into your application. You’ve got your first test! Now to the next one. Click! And now you are logged out. Why is Cypress logging you out after each test?! The reason is actually simple. Cypress clears out the state of browser inbetween tests. All your cookies are deleted…

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Testing a websocket application with Cypress

Websockets enable you to have an uninterrupted communication with your server. Typically, you can see websockets in action when using a chat app. Without needing to refresh, you can see your friend’s messages arrive. Websocket connection is typically created when you open your application. In my…

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Opening a new tab in Cypress

Cypress has its trade-offs . Lack of multiple tabs support may be annoying, especially when you are starting to test an application that opens stuff in new tabs all the time. In this article, I would like to show you how I work around this limitation. Although, is it a limitation? Let’s look at the…

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Cypress basics: Selecting elements

Selectors can be painful. Especially when you are starting with test automation. During my recent Cypress workshop, I saw some people struggle with selectors and the reason was, that they were using a different approach for selecting elements on page. In this blog, I would like to showcase some…

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Playing with experimental network stubbing feature in Cypress

In the beginning of September, Cypress released a new experimental feature called experimentalNetworkStubbing . I was watching development on Github for a while and was really excited when I started seeing some rapid movement on the issue . I decided to have a closer look into what it does. I…

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Lesser known tricks is pretty amazing, and if you haven’t used it yet and need a jump start, I recommend my super-quick straight-to-the-point course on Udemy. It’s called Cypress test automation for people in a hurry and it’s exactly that. Average video length is 2 minutes, and then it’s practical…

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My favourite VS Code extensions for writing tests in Cypress

That’s what we needed, right? Another VS code extension blog 😂 But I guess I got your attention, so why not share a little bit of my workflow? This one is for all you testers and developers writing tests in Cypress. Add .only Here’s to the lazy ones among us 🍻 Add .only extension does exactly…

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Cypress test automation course
If you like my articles, you’re going to love my new course on It’s called Cypress test automation for people in a hurry, and it is exactly what you’d expect. A compact, fast and straight-to-the-point course with lots of practical examples and challenges. Check it out!

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